Sunken Garden

Peace, exclusivity, silence, safety, security, comfort and restfulness with the recharging of one’s batteries is the domain and achievability of only the rich and few……………….isn’t it?

Not any more!

Such aspirations are in fact within the reach of the many who no longer wish to have a swimming pool in their garden or are in fact looking at an alternative to building a pool they do not yet have.

What is this alternative that can enhance and enrich not only our lives but also the lives of those around us whilst helping wildlife to develop and prosper?

The answer is your own “Sunken Garden”.

An unwanted pool need not be filled in any more with an existing garden with no pool having its enjoyment, and even tranquillity, increased by considering an alternative.

Whatever one’s type of “Sunken Garden” preference you can create somewhere which can:
 Have your own choice of plants, shrubs and trees.
 Be decorated with a variety of garden ornaments.
 Provide a sunbathing area or a place for reading and studying with total privacy in an outdoor location in which papers can be protected from being blown around!
 Be a different type of “Up-Market” eating environment with wildlife enjoying it as much as you will.
Protection from the wind and harsh realities of daily living with your “Sunken Garden” being able to be utilised for some or all of the above all year round is indeed a reality - but how does one start?
Firstly you have to decide if you want to keep your existing pool or if you don’t yet have a pool - do you want a pool?
Then you consider (if you have a pool) either filling in the existing pool you no longer want which can be expensive or you consider something different which could enhance the value of your property by being “so different”.
A “Sunken Garden” may just be the answer.

Is your pool large enough is something to consider but who can say as it depends on how you want your “Sunken Garden” to meet the aims and objectives you seek which leads one to consider what your oasis is to be used for and what you wish it to contain.

We at “Shaun’s Pools and Construction” understand that times change but everyone’s idea of paradise is generally the same therefore we are happy to meet with you, listen to you, talk to you and give advice and input to make your dreams become a reality whether you want an upgraded pool, a new pool or……………… alternative………………..happy gardening!

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